Blackmagic Design Teranex Mini Optical Fiber



Optical to HDMI 12G
HDMI to Optical 12G
Optical to Analog 12G
Analog to Optical 12G
Optical to Audio 12G
Audio to Optical 12G

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Product Description

Optical Fiber Models

Build broadcast facilities
using optical fiber!

Optical fiber SDI is becoming more popular because it handles extremely long distances, even at the high speeds of 12G-SDI. Optical fiber cables can be installed by electricians or computer networking installers so it’s easy to use. Each model of Teranex Mini has a corresponding optical fiber model so you can run native optical fiber systems and convert directly from optical fiber to HDMI, analog video or audio. The optical fiber models still include a 12G-SDI connector so you can use them in both regular BNC or optical fiber systems.